Business Intelligence

NED has for decades now built quite simply the best data set on GRC suppliers in the UK.

It is kept up to date continuously. You can stand on their benchmarks.

NED has been producing the definitive Market Reports for Governance, Regulatory, Compliance and Legal Services markets in the UK for over 20 years. These are not 3-5 year snapshots, not credit report garbage, but 30 years of real insight and intelligence.

Business Intelligence Reports

NED Business Intelligence Reports are based on experience of real EU Competition Commission and Competition and Markets Authority investigations in market quantification, segmentation and analysis. Our reports have been tested in High Court, Cabinet Office and CMA investigations. Our econometrics are the best in the industry and have been for decades.

Why NED is unique

NED takes a detailed and brick-built supply-side economics analysis approach to market quantification and benchmarking. We are unique in taking the time for this approach. It means we can not only say what the benchmark is, but show you which companies are best at it, worst at it, how, why and where.

Every supplier in a sector or service is identified and quantified. We do not simply scan SIC codes, but use industry insiders to identify all the pertinent suppliers, those who dabble, and those who are hidden deep within larger conglomerations. We rule out many more firms than we include. We are specialists in assessing small firms and those who hide their performance. We believe that applying this intelligence up front is critical to the process; it eliminates GIGO: ‘garbage-in-garbage-out’.

NED knows

The Companies House financials are all in there as you’d expect, but it is the segmentation and intelligent selection of suppliers that makes the conclusions and benchmarks especially reliable. We know how companies hide data in complex structures, we know how to read abbreviated balance sheets especially, we know when a firm is riding a wave or peddling hard up a steep hill. We know how firms tackle dividend policies and retention of profits. We know what impact owner benefits have on management accounts. We know the investment tolerances required for major projects in marketing, sales, technology, recruitment and new service development.

Data goes back to 1995 and forward projections to 2020 or 2025 are based on the real potential of the real suppliers active in the market.

Real growth rates, profitability, investment tolerances, start-up metrics and M&A benchmarks are set out clearly. Independent and factual, there are lessons here for business planning, strategic choices and budgeting.

These are the facts all private equity, investors, blue chips and regulators use.

We simply believe that the people who make up the market (you) should see them too.

Before the VC orders your starter, or you knock on the door, make sure you know more than them about how the game works.

That’s applied business intelligence.