SME HR Software


Coverage includes:

Players & Challengers: who are they?

Breathe HR, BrightHR, the HRcompany, hrlocker, mrHRtoolkit, Personio, Citrus HR, Eledecks, Contra IQ, Thesaurus are highlighted while all players are quantified in the market headlines.

Functionality comparator, tabulated.

Pricing rate cards compared.

Investment from challengers and disruptors.


With some strong prices being paid currently for SME and mid-market HR software teams what is the attraction? The driver may be challenger banks and disruptive accountancy software plays, while existing mass-market players have also spent millions developing their own pitches.

There are some key lessons here, not just about positioning and pricing, but functionality focus too.

Get the software coded is not the most difficult issue.

You also have to see the service in the light of competitive industries, not least safety software, payroll, security and regulatory consulting.

This concise and accessible due diligence report covers all the bases. This is the essential intelligence for investors, owner-managers and leadership teams behind all major investment moves.


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