Safety Technology


Financial fundamentals and benchmarks by sector

Players & Challengers

Market positioning of top 6 by size and top 6 challengers by market segment

M&A and investments analysed and illustrated in a heat-map

Profiles and market shares for Ideagen, Datix, SHE, Riskex, Sheild and Simple Compliance

Functionality issues charted and illustrated by 8 leading players

Market maps showing all players relative positioning by profit and growth (long term)



A small but pivotal market on the fringes of GRC and enterprise solutions, there are good reasons why some are paying strong prices for good eams here.

More than any other market, however, this is buffeted by challenges from a range of neighbouring markets.

There are sweet spots to aim for and benchmarks to beat, but make sure you know the very different challenges you can face in differing market segments.

This due diligence review takes a detailed post-Lockdown look at financial performance, trends and opportunities.


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