Safety Technology


50 companies analysed from 1995 to 2025; 89 pages; 12 Figures; 49 relative market share graphs; 12 leaders and challenger pictograms; 2 brand and leaders collages and a heat map.

  • The Stories that Make the Market
  • Market Structure
  • Financial Fundamentals & Benchmarks
  • Sectoral Segmentation Quantified
  • Market Entry
  • Key Questions Answered
  • M&A Benchmarks
  • Recent Developments


This is the pivotal technology market in the UK in governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) services.  A unique analysis spanning three decades from 1995 to 2025 assesses every supplier, every acquisition, every recession, every new entrant, exit, platform change and innovation. Why? So the makers of the market – the entrepreneurs and directors putting mortgages and careers on the line – can see how the land lies. See the wood for the trees. This is precisely the sort of commercial due diligence, buyers, sellers and regulators do to understand how a market really works.

It contains some real surprises too. Compared to the global market, the UK is doing just fine thank you. Sure, it has its challenges, and there are more to come, but the core metrics are very favourable. However, competitive dynamics here are among the most complex in the whole GRC industry; you have to know what you’re doing.

Every supplier, every new entrant, every acquisition is quantified and placed in its market context. You can see the range of prices paid, the impairment review impacts, and lessons for other buyers. You can see who is making multi-million-pound pitches and who is biding their time (and why). You will be able to avoid the elephant traps (there are many), gauge the timing and investment tolerances for new projects and plans. You will be able to assess if you, or others, are paddling hard up a fast flowing stream, or coasting down a lazy river.

What is clear is that it is all still to play for. Each market sector has its own customer experience (CX) imperatives, its own financial risk and constraints, and a healthy number of good teams trying stuff. The competitive dynamics of this market are quite unique and easy to misread. Sure, the top 5 and 10 are listed here by market sector and mapped in all their strategic corporate finance glory. But the devil as always is in the detail. When you need to answer the ‘how much’, ‘how often’ and ‘by when’ questions, start here.


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