Regulatory Consultancies


The definitive business intelligence report on this pivotal legal services outsourcing market. What started as a spin-off from insurance advisory services has now become a third of a billion pound vibrant market in employment, safety and other compliance services.



The most successful disruptor to legal services markets in the UK, the insights from this Intelligence report are unique.

The business models of the top 50 players are explained, their differentiators explored and the financial positioning mapped.

A comprehensive review of all of the aspects of competing inside and with this market are set out.

Regulatory Consultancies typically cover employment law, HR and safety compliance issues for UK companies. They offer fixed fee solutions often with advisory, software and insurance components. The single most successful disruptors in governance, risk and compliance services, they compete with insurers, law firms, accountancies, technologists and consultancies very effectively. The market leader is well known, Peninsula Business Services, but this market is over 200 firms offering services now to UK companies of all sizes.

This Business Intelligence report has been the definitive review of this market for over two decades now. It explains how the Regulatory Consultancy market is structured; it’s current and future potential (analyses run from 1995-2025). The addressable market is examined, together with advice on buyer propensity. The real lessons about the extent of the SME opportunity are set out, together with the mid-market experience. The business model is examined with guidance on how these firms work strategically and tactically. The market structure is covered in depth from financial fundamentals to the costs of market entry, sales benchmarks and employee metrics.

The mix of services deployed, service development initiatives and likely areas for future development are explored. A detailed analysis of the neighbouring and adjacent markets, and in particular the HR sector and the law firm ‘fight back’, is quantified.

The lessons for the market in competing with the leading brands, the deepest pockets, private equity and insurance-linked brands are clearly set out. The M&A deals in the market since 1995 to date are charted and benchmarked, together with analysis of how private equity plays here and a list of every VC and PE team who is or has been active.

The market lessons are clear. This is essential reading for all the firms already driving this vibrant example of fixed-fee legal services outsourcing. It is also essential reading for all those losing business to these teams, be they law firms, accountancies, insurance brokers and companies, B2B publishers, software developers and outsourcers.

The financial benchmarks of this industry are remarkably robust and attractive in their own right. The key lessons for how the market can and will develop for the future are set out. There are opportunities for the adventurous and challenges for the committed. They are all identified, mapped and quantified here.


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