Regulatory Consultancies 2025


10 figures and charts including detailed market maps.

All from NED Legal’s extensive datasets (updated continuously) it includes:

– relative market size and shape (compared to EL boutiques, safety sectors, HR software, occupational health and more;

– all key operational benchmarks: market net growth pa, median/CAGR benchmarks, Profits, profitability, sales per employee, payroll and average employee cost benchmarks (historic, current and projected)

– financial fundamentals for the market including 2020-2025 brick-built projections and Lockdown impact;

– top 20 players and challengers plotted

– technology impacts and investment case (over 12 years)

– industry rivalries and M&A/investor overview

– 6 key firms analysed: Peninsula, Marlowe, ELAS, Adviserplus, Napthens, HR Dept

– functionality comparators for 10 firms (tabulated)

– pricing and GTM channel changes; per employee per month and per payroll size pricing;

– market maps overall and for top players by long term growth and profitability characteristics

– M&A benchmarks by 4 profit bands of prospects

The presentation is now much closer to our Commercial Due Diligence ‘decks’ and easily digestible.

Downloadable PDF.


Regulatory Consulting 2025:

‘A real magpie market – the leading disruptor in Governance Risk and Compliance services for business too.’

You can’t understand the future for legal services, HR, employment law, safety and occupational health service markets until you’ve read this.

Designed for investors, owner-managers and leadership teams looking for commercial due diligence, this is the data relied on by most of the market itself.

NED Legal have been charting the progress of this market for over 35 years, and this is the latest economic analysis. Each and every company is tracked, analysed and projected, alongside benchmarks on new market entry, exits and all M&A.

Based on data from 1995 to date projections are made to 2025, including the impact of Lockdowns on every one of the 200+ suppliers.

Hard economic facts summarised, charted and projected to 2025. Growth, profitability, and employee benchmarks clarified.

Market segmentations, market maps and summary M&A benchmarks for deals of all sizes are here.


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