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Don’t risk ever being ‘out-of-the-loop’ again. Get the best weekly GRC market intelligence right here.

NED’s Intelligence service covers every significant event in your industry from takeovers to tech investments.

This is what the VCs, investors and PLCs don’t want you to see.

At NED we know you can handle the truth.


Weekly emails cover every significant event in the market in plain English.

NED explains corporate finance to business developers and competitive dynamics to financiers.

We make sense of the M&A, filed accounts, service launches, start-ups and key people moves in the market.

Grounded on the hard economics behind the Market Reports, we watch all the compliance sectors from HSEQ to employment law, HR to TICs.

Covering software, consulting, content and training businesses, institutes and the VCs, you’ll never miss a trick.

This is what the investors, bankers and VCs won’t tell you to your face, but NED will.

We decipher the jargon and dig into the facts behind all the key events in your market.

It’s also the best way to learn how behavioural economics, strategic marketing and corporate finance interpret what is really going on here.

NED Intelligence is written by Board level senior executives who have genuinely built, bought and sold companies in your market.

We track all your competitors and the adjacent and neighbouring markets too, as well as bringing our unique long term perspective – from ’95 to 2025.


Weekly emails cover all the key developments in the UK governance, risk and compliance (GRC) markets:

Regulatory consultancies; HR (& payroll) software and consulting; employment law; OH; health & safety advisory and technology teams are all tracked and highlighted.

Key niches are tracked including construction, education, employment law boutiques, fire safety, food safety, occupational health, safety technology, HR & payroll software and services and more.

Every M&A deal analysed and quantified.

Buyers and investors are profiled and benchmarked.

Market trends and sector-specific strategies are examined and explored.

This is the perfect antidote to sales gossip, recruitment rumours and exhibition hyperbole.

Loved by CEOs throughout the industry:

‘I love your style – it’s engaging, honest, always challenging – sometimes brutally so. Keep it up.’

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