Senior management and leadership development training.



Either as part of an ‘away day’ or just to get the external perspective for the Board or senior management meeting, a Masterclass with NED delivers.

An hour’s summation of the key facts and trends generates a dynamic Q&A based on real examples, real data and real challenges in the market today.

Led by David Johnston, these sessions are always fun, challenging, honest and engaging.

NED is happy to make them a breakfast event, a lunchtime session; just try to avoid the late afternoons – you’ll need brains fully engaged. Some prefer ‘chalk and talk’ to a room full, others have found talking to smaller groups better. We can do either, but the best results come from a group of 5-6.

The session usually covers the market's economic drivers, service development trends and  technology with optional coverage of  shareholder value and M&A issues as needed. We're happy to discuss and cater for the emphasis you need before hand fully.

Delivered at a date and time of your choosing at your offices or a venue of your choice.

Email with your preference of:

Let us know your preferred dates and times (allow 2 hours), submit payment and we will email to arrange delivery as soon as possible.


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